Who We Are

Yellowstone Divers has always been, and continues to be, family owned and operated. 

As of 2017, Andrea is currently running the daily operations and travel aspect of Yellowstone Divers while Paul continues to run the education operations of the business. 

Paul Brock


Paul Brock, owner and instructor of Yellowstone Divers, has been a certified diver since 1982 and has loved diving ever since. Paul's favorite part of diving: "..the feel of being weightless, it’s like flying..". He got back in to diving seriously around 2004 when his wife needed divers for search and rescue and his daughter wanted to dive on a school trip to the Bahamas.

Paul got his Dive Master certification in 2005, moved to Instructor in 2006, and opened Yellowstone Divers, LLC just under a year later. He has been blessed to be able to dive all around the world in places like Truk Lagoon, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico and so many more. He holds not only his NAUI Instructor certification but is also a Technical Diving Instructor. He is certified in Search and Recovery, Rescue, Tri-Mix, Wreck Penetration and Cave. Paul loves to be underwater and passes that passion along to his students.

Paul's favorite dive spot to date are the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. 

Andrea Brock


Paul’s daughter, Andrea, runs the sales and marketing aspects of Yellowstone Divers. Andrea has her degree from Colorado State University in Hospitality Management and puts it to use in the shop. She helps to plan trips, run sales and specials, and manages all the social media for Yellowstone Divers. She has been diving since she was 16 and was in one of the first classes her father taught with Yellowstone Divers. 

She has been diving in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Honduras, Greece, Fiji and New Zealand and is eager to add many more dives to her list. She is currently certified in Open Water, Advanced, Nitrox and Rescue Diver and received her NAUI Dive Master Certification in 2013. She is also currently working to obtain her second professional certification as an SSI Assistant Instructor

Andrea's favorite part of diving: "the 'wow' factor. It's pretty surreal when you are in a world not designed for you". She also has a true passion for adaptive scuba diving and divers with disabilities.